The Boundary-Layer Stability and Transition Laboratory (BLST) is an experimental aerodynamics facility focused primarily on the study of high-speed laminar-turbulent transition and aerodynamic heating. As part of the larger hypersonics initiative at UA, BLST is a frequent collaborator with a number of other research labs on campus.

Mach 5 Quiet Ludwieg Tube


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Mack 1984

Boundary-layer stability theory was discussed in depth by Mack (1984) in a frequently-cited AGARD report. This report, however, is only available as a scan of poor quality. Dr. Craig and a colleague (Jerrod Hofferth, AFRL) re-typeset the document as a modern, fully-hyperlinked LaTeX document. The new version is linked below. Please notify us if any errors are discovered.

Download the re-typeset document here